Having Trouble Identifying Roof Damage?

Is It Difficult to Reach the Hard to See Areas?

No Worries! Now You Can Inspect Roofs and Properties Using Our Drone Technology in Just 5 Minutes.

Climbing ladders, walking on roofs, and inspecting hard-to-reach places takes time – and it’s dangerous. But with our drone roof inspection solution, you can conduct a full roof assessment without ever having to leave the ground.

  • Win More Roofing Contracts

Bid confidently and accurately with the leading drone roof inspection solution. Your customers will be impressed by your accuracy and polished bids.

  • Ensure Quality with AI Damage Detection

Trust our unbiased AI to highlight roof damage and distinguish your bids. You can be sure that you’re providing the best possible service to your customers.

  • Provide Insights with Measurements

Develop a roofing strategy with our inspection-grade 3D models. You get all of the measurements you need to make an informed decision.



Take Your Roofing Business to The Next Level.

Use Our Cutting-Edge Handheld Inspection Solution for the Most Accurate Results.

On the Mark Roofing is excited to offer our clients the latest roofing technology: IMGING handheld roof inspection. This cutting-edge AI-powered solution transforms your iOS mobile device into an inspection tool, making roof damage assessment more accurate and convenient than ever before. With IMGING, you’ll be able to take simple photos and turn them into data-driven insights, urgency-driving inspection reports, and work-winning bids.

  • Convenient Inspection List

With this feature, you can easily organize exterior and interior photos for better collaboration between roofing contractors. This is especially useful when multiple technicians are working on the same roof.

  • View Photo Location

IMGING allows you to see the location of any photo taken, which is perfect for roofing contractors who manage multiple properties. This helps you keep track of progress and ensure that every detail is accounted for.

  • AI-Powered Damage Detection

Use IMGING’s deep learning capabilities to identify roof damage accurately. This is a huge time-saver that allows you to quickly assess the extent of the damage and create an action plan.

Win Bids by Quickly Measuring Roofs with Speed Squares!  

Speed Square provides an easy way to measure roofs quickly so you can put together a rough bid without even being on-site. This handy tool calculates the total squares of a roof in just a few seconds. You can keep track of progress and ensure that every detail is accounted for.

Speed Squares comes free with the IMGING inspection platform.


Drone Inspection

You can perform property scans using a drone to gather aerial imagery, create 3D models in minutes, and more.

  • On-Site Measurements
  • Damage Detection
  • Inspection-Grade 3D Models
  • Sharable Exportable Data
  • Dynamic Measurements

Handheld Inspection

Get comprehensive property data in the palm of your hands using an iOS-powered mobile device. You can use this data to develop insights, write detailed reports, and make rock-solid decisions.

  • Living Property Profiles
  • Speed Squares
  • Photo Review
  • Damage Detection
  • Annotations
  • Shareable Reports

Perform Safe, Efficient, and Highly Accurate Roof Inspections

with Our Drone Roof Inspection Solution

It’s your time to shine and take your business to new heights!

If all this sounds complicated, don’t worry, we’ll help you every step of the way, from getting certified to launching your first drone inspection.