What to Do If a Storm Damages Your Roof in Nashville

Nashville is a fairly safe part of the county to live in when it comes to severe weather. Thunderstorms can become aggressive, but thankfully tornados are few and far between. Snowfalls range around 7” for the season, substantially less than in other parts of the country. For the most part, Nashville has wonderful weather year-round.

So the average homeowner may not know what to do when a nasty storm does pass through and create damage to the roofs of our homes. It is wise to review the steps to take and be prepared in case of such an event. 

Best Storm Roof Damage Repair Company in Nashville

Take Lots of Pictures

When it is safe to go outside, take your camera or phone with you to capture some pictures. Pictures are great for telling the story after a weather event. Take as many pictures as you can, video included, from a safe location. Please do not climb on your rooftop to try and get that “great” view. The roof could be quite dangerous after a storm!

 Call a Trusted Roofing Professional

Contacting a company that specializes in inspecting roofs is essential to fully understand the damage sustained. They have the safety equipment, and the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe. 

The most dedicated and trustworthy roofing company to call in the Nashville area is On The Mark. We will provide honest feedback after inspecting the damage and provide you with wise advice. What sets us apart from other roofing companies is our friendly, honest, and efficient contractors. We are ready to assist you every step of the way. 

Unfortunately, after a storm, fly-by-night roofing companies will flood a town, promising quick repairs with minimal expense. Please be aware of these companies! It is best to work through this list before you agree to work with a roofing company. 

  • Do you have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance? This will protect them and you. 
  • Do not sign any paperwork until the inspection is fully completed
  • Do not give the company any money to do the inspection. On The Mark offers a free top-notch inspection
  • Ask questions about what the team will be looking for during the inspection. Be present
  • If you are not familiar with the company, ask for the license number. An honest company will be more than happy to supply you with that information. 
Trustable Storm Roof Damage Repair in Nashville

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Make sure to call your insurance agent, and not the company itself. You have a good working relationship with the agent, and they should be able to guide you through the ins and outs of your policy. Ask questions about the sections regarding wind, storm, and hail damage. Some companies cover more than others. Know what your policy involves.

It can be scary to live through horrible storms, and the damage they incur. If you do need storm repairs done, place your trust in a company of passionate people whose top priority is the absolute best in roofing. On The Mark is here to help you with all of your roofing needs! Let On The Mark Roofing help you restore a beautiful roof on your home.  

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