What Will I Pay for a Solar Roof Installation in Nashville?

There are many types of energy a homeowner can choose to keep the house running smoothly. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Some of these are easier to come by than others, and therefore more efficient in use. The basic list of household energy uses includes:

  • Retail electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • Kerosene
  • Wind
  • Geothermal energy
  • Wood/pellets
  • Solar
Trusted solar roofing Company in Nashville

Solar energy, in particular, has become a hot topic in the last few years. This energy is always available, thanks to an ever-shining sun, and tapping into that energy can be quite beneficial to the environment, the homeowner, and the reduction of fossil fuel usage. 

The cost of solar roofs in Nashville will range anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 for a smaller home and $22,000 to $56,000 for a larger home. This is all based on the kilowatt usage of the home. To determine what it will cost for your particular home and usage, contact On The Mark to learn more! We are the solar roof specialists in the Nashville area and we look forward to working with you and your family to help you save money on your monthly energy bill and gain the benefit of solar energy!

What is the process for installing solar roof panels?

Choose the right panel for your home

This is a vitally important step. There are many different types of panels to choose from and therefore the costs will vary. It is based on the usage of the homeowner and the type of home. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help determine the best for your needs. 

Finding a place to install them

It is necessary to place them in an area that will gain the most energy, yet won’t look out of place.

Connecting the panels

This is a little time-consuming, but we will properly assemble the panels by connecting the positive and negative wires to each panel, and teach you how to use them. Before long, you will gain usage through the panels! 

Trusted solar roof Installation Company in Nashville

What are some advantages to installing solar on your roof?


The sun is a constant, unchangeable, inexhaustible source of energy. The sun can be used as an energy source day after day, year after year. Even in areas where it may be difficult to get other sources of energy, the sun is always available. The most remote areas still have access to the sun, giving this type of energy high marks for potential usage. 

Energy Bills Reduced

The use of solar energy can greatly reduce the need to pay a monthly energy bill to your local utility company. Whether it’s a sunny day or cloudy, solar panels are proven to continue to draw energy. Indirect, or diffused, sunlight will still help to power your home. Nashville is a tremendous location for solar roofs. You will start saving money even on day 1!

Increased Home Value

According to a study done by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, solar increased the value of a home by up to $15,000. This upgrade can greatly assist when it comes time to sell. (Did you know that metal roofs are the perfect pair for solar panels! Check our article about metal roof installation cost in Nashville now!)

Minimal Maintenance

Photovoltaic panels do gradually become less efficient as the years pass, but the lifespan can last nearly 25 years with post-installation maintenance. Periodic cleaning is necessary to keep the panels working at peak performance. 

Environmentally Friendly

When the time comes to remove or replace solar panels, they are usually easy to disassemble and the materials can be used in other forms to continue reducing the environmental impact. 

The initial cost of solar roof panels may be a little steep on the bank account, but the energy savings and knowing this source of energy is good for the planet, in general, are both excellent considerations. Trust the solar installers at On The Mark Roofing to work through the whole process of solar roof installations and start benefiting from the rays of our sun!    

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