4 Reasons Nashville Homeowners Replace Their Roofs

The integrity of a quality roof is vitally important in keeping the home running smoothly. A sound roof keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature, protects the contents of the home, and offers a safe haven to rest after a long day at work. A roof can fail for a variety of reasons, and repairs must be made. However, if the roof repair work is too much or too in-depth, a complete roof replacement will be needed. Here is a short list of some main reasons why homeowners may opt for a full roof replacement

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Age of Roof

Each roofing material has a lifespan. Asphalt shingles can last approximately 25 years with proper maintenance and inspections. Metal roofing can last closer to 50 years. Each has its benefits when it comes to durability, maintainability, and longevity. It would be wise to discuss with a trustworthy roofing company which roofing surface best fits your home and budget. 

Curb Appeal

Not only does the value of your property increase with a new roof, but the curb appeal greatly increases as well. Are you considering a move in 2023? A new roof will greatly help with the sale of your home, and the buyer will have great peace of mind knowing their family and possessions will be safe. Much like judging a book by its cover, a new buyer decides on the home when pulling up in the driveway. A clean, fresh new roof shows to the buyer that the current owner cares about the property. 

Energy Savings

A new roof can assist with saving money each month on energy bills. Sealing up any cracks or damaged areas will secure the barrier between the interior and exterior temperature. Secondly, the hot summer sun can be reflected off the roof, eliminating the heat absorbing into the home. The heating and cooling systems in the home can run more efficiently, and the high monthly bills will decrease. 


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Is your roof showing signs of damage? Sagging rooflines, water stains, and missing shingles are all evidence of a less-than-perfect working roof. You can only know the true extent of any damage by having your roof professionally inspected. A qualified roofing contractor will be able to assess all damage and offer sound advice on the steps you need to take. 

Further Questions to Ask:

Here are some helpful questions to ask when determining if a new roof should be in your future. 

  • Does the roof have missing, damaged, bent, broken, or curled shingles?
  • Is there a sagging, warped roofline? 
  • Are there granules in the gutters?
  • Are there mold, moss, and/or algae on the shingle surface? 
  • Do you have high monthly energy bills? 
  • Are there water leaks in the attic walls and ceiling?

On The Mark Roofing in Nashville is a full-service licensed roofing company committed to providing the highest quality and best bang for your buck when it comes to roofing. We are ready to serve you and your family with professionalism from start to finish, regardless of the type of needs you have when it comes to roofing. We can help restore your home with a secure roof and keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. 

Contact us today to discuss a new roof! 

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