8 Reasons Why DIY Roofing Is Such A Dangerous Job

Key Takeaways:

  • DIY roofing may seem like an attractive option, but it is a dangerous job that can lead to serious injuries.
  • Heavy roofing materials can pose several risks for you and the passersby.
  • The unpredictability of weather can give you sunburn or windburn.
  • Unless you’re experienced, it’s best to leave these matters in the hands of a roofing expert.

The itch of wanting to take on a home improvement project yourself is strong. You may get the urge while staring at the tiny hole poking from the roof. But as much as you want to take on the task yourself, roofing is one job you’re better off leaving to the specialists.

In this guide, On The Mark Roofing will tell you why roofing is a dangerous job and how DIY roofing can be perilous for your health and safety.

Dangers of DIY Roofing

Roofing is a dangerous job because it involves working at a height.

It’s a no-brainer that you’re more likely to fall off a roof than you are from the ground. But did you know that roofs aren’t always stable? If you’re not careful, you could easily slip and fall through a rotted section of wood or a weak spot in the roofing material. A ladder may help but may not be your best bet when it comes to safety.

8 Reasons Why DIY Roofing Is Such A Dangerous Job

The risk of falling from the roof or being hit by debris.

You can’t pull off DIY roofing without the help of a ladder. However, sometimes ladders aren’t enough. If you’re working on a particularly steep roof, you could quickly lose your balance and fall. Even if you’re careful, you put yourself at numerous risks as soon as you defy gravity and step onto a roof.

Roofing materials can cause injuries. 

Falling isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when roofing. Many roofs are made of asphalt, tar, and material that can be quite brittle in the heat. As you work, bits and pieces of the roofing material could come loose and hit you.

In some cases, the entire roof could collapse, which would be catastrophic. Even if these falling bits don’t hit you, they could cause severe injury to a passerby or damage your own property.

The weather can be unpredictable.

The work environment can be extremely hazardous due to unpredictable weather. It’s not uncommon for roofers to work in all weather conditions, from blistering heat to cold. But the most dangerous weather condition for roofers is wind.

High winds can be very unpredictable and lead to accidents since the tools and roofing materials can be blown away. You can’t do much when this happens.

You can get sunburned or windburned while working on roofs.

Whether it is the hottest day of June or a cold, windy December morning, the chances of getting sunburned are just as high. The sun’s rays can reflect off the roofing material and cause first or second-degree burns.

And if you’re working in cold weather, the wind can dry out your skin and cause windburn. Throw in the risks of skin cancer into the equation, and your DIY roofing project doesn’t seem like so much fun anymore.

You can also suffer from heat stroke.

On a bright sunny afternoon, you decide to pull out DIY roofing and start on your project. After a few hours, you realize you are suffering from heat exhaustion and have to go down. Most people don’t realize how quickly your body can become dehydrated and how important it is to drink fluids while working in the heat.

It’s easy to slip and fall while walking on roofs that are wet or icy.

After a rainstorm, you might think it’s a good idea to work on your roof. However, any roofing company will tell you that it’s extremely dangerous to walk on a wet or icy roof. Since most roofs are slanted or made of roofing material that can be slippery, it’s easy to slip and sustain significant injuries.

Roofing materials can be heavy.

As if the dangers of working on a height weren’t enough, you may also have to deal with the heaviness of roofing materials when you take matters into your hand. For example, a bundle of shingles can weigh almost 80 lbs, and if not handled with care, it can fall and cause serious injury to you or the people around you.

How To Ensure Safety With DIY Roofing

Now that we know how dangerous roofing can be, we must take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

If you must repair your roof on your own, make sure to:

Wear proper clothing, gloves, non-slip shoes, and harnesses.

Before DIY roofing comes shopping. You heard it right, shopping! You will need to purchase the correct tools and materials for the job. Ensuring proper gear and safety equipment is as essential as having the right supplies.

Inspect the area before starting any work.

Seemingly non-existence issues can cause more significant troubles when it comes to a roofing project, which is why it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Conduct a thorough inspection of the roof to be worked on, and only then proceed with the actual roofing.

Remove any obstacles that could get in your way.

Make sure that nothing in your way could cause you to trip or get caught in your tools. A clean and unobstructed work area is crucial for a safe roofing project.

Have someone nearby in case of an emergency.

An important consideration for climbing the ladder (even with all safety measures) is to have someone close by. The presence of someone can be helpful in cases such as an emergency, and they can act as a spotter.

Even with these safety measures, it’s still best to leave roofing repairs to professionals. Call a roofing company today to save yourself and your loved ones from an unprecedented disaster.

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