An Extremely Efficient Temporary Roofing Solution

When your commercial or residential roof has sustained damage, it’s essential to act quickly and protect your property from further harm. Our roof wrap solution is the best way to do this.

On the Mark Roofing provides roof wrap services designed to protect your roof and keep it functional until permanent repairs can be made.

How Roof Wrap Secures Your Home or Commercial Property

Roof wrap is a 12 mil thick, UV-resistant, tear-resistant, slip-resistant, and fire-resistant membrane that can be applied quickly and easily to any roof. This roof wrap is secured with heavy-duty straps and clamps, providing a secure barrier against the elements.

Why Choose Our Membrane?

Easy Inspection

One of the best features of our roof wrap solution is that it is easy to inspect. If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, you can simply cut open the membrane and take a look. This way, you can be sure that your roof is in good condition and that there are no hidden problems.

UV Protection

Another great feature of our roof wrap is that it provides UV protection. The membrane has a 24-month UV rating, which will protect your roof from the sun’s harmful rays.

Tear Resistant

Our roof wrap is also tear-resistant. It is made from a rigid material designed to withstand the elements. In fact, it is MORE tear resistant than any other 12 mil shrink membrane.

Slip Resistant

With the special slip-resistant coating, our roof wrap is 25% MORE slip resistant than any similar product. This means it will stay in place, even in extreme weather conditions.

Fire Resistant

We have designed our roof wrap to be fire-resistant. The 12 mil fire-resistant membrane is ASTM E84 Class A certified with zero flame spread. This means it will provide a barrier between your roof and the flames in the event of a fire.

Preserve Your Roof in Its Post-Loss Condition – Get a 1-Year Warranty!

Our roof wrap is guaranteed to secure your roof and remain leak-free for one full year, which makes it the perfect solution to preserve your roof in its post-loss condition. It is also fully functional, like new, and easy to inspect.

For more information on our roof wrap solution or to schedule a free consultation, contact On the Mark Roofing today!