5 Important Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

When it’s time to address your commercial roofing needs, whether you’re considering a full roof replacement or essential repairs, choosing the right contractor can feel like a challenging endeavor. You might be wondering how to identify the ideal commercial roofing company and feel confident in their competence and professionalism. As you embark on your quest to find a highly qualified commercial roofing contractor in Nashville, here are five crucial questions to ask.

commercial roofing contractor in Nashville

Are You Properly Insured? 

A reputable commercial roofing contractor understands the significance of adhering to the correct rules and ethical business practices. You should inquire about their credentials, ensuring they have the necessary coverage in place to carry out the work. A trustworthy company will willingly furnish evidence of their comprehensive insurance coverage. When asking this question, be sure to request the following three items: 

  • Licensure: Ensure that they are approved by the Tennessee Board for Licensing by check online.
  • Bonded: Confirm that the company conducts its business correctly and ethically. The bond should be provided by a surety company licensed through the state of Tennessee.
  • Insured: The company should possess full insurance coverage, including workers’ compensation, general liability, and vehicle insurance.

Are You a Local Commercial Roofing Contractor? 

Roofing contractors who are “storm chasers” cannot be relied upon to deliver comprehensive and thorough services for commercial properties. It’s crucial to collaborate with a contractor that has a local presence, including a physical address and phone number. Should any issues arise throughout the year, you’ll want the convenience of being able to contact them and have someone promptly assess the situation. A local commercial roofing contractor will also be well-versed in local laws, permits, and regulations, ensuring they have everything in order before commencing work to minimize additional expenses down the line.

How Long Have You Been in Business as a Commercial Roofing Contractor? 

You should consider working with a commercial roofing company that boasts extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. While there might be some appeal in assisting a new company in establishing itself, the peace of mind that comes from collaborating with a well-established business with a proven track record is invaluable. Commercial roofs are complex structures, and it’s essential not to take risks with an inexperienced company.

commercial roofing company in Nashville

Do You Offer Product Warranties for Commercial Roofs? 

Inquire about the roofing products intended for your commercial project and the warranties associated with them. The warranty terms can significantly impact your choice of roofing system, with durations ranging from a few years to the entire lifespan of the roof. It’s imperative to ask this question and ensure you receive the appropriate warranty documentation to keep for your records.

Can You Provide References for Commercial Roofing Projects? 

A reputable and confident commercial roofing company should readily offer references, whether they are current projects they are working on or satisfied past commercial customers. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the construction industry, and strong commercial roofing businesses build their reputation on it.

When on the lookout for a dependable commercial roofing contractor for your upcoming project in Nashville, it’s crucial to ask these vital questions. You want to collaborate with a company that is committed to standing behind its products, maintaining open lines of communication, and addressing all your queries.

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